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Sebastian is a manipulative and often cruel man. Although he can be charming and flirtatious, he is rarely so without an ulterior motive. If you are useful to him or Jim, you will see an amiable, likeable man, but be wary of the Machiavellian bastard behind the act.

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30 Days of Character Development - Ten

Define a turning point in your character’s life. Multiples are acceptable.

At age eight, Sebastian suffered a ruptured spleen at the hands of his father, Augustus Moran. The abuse was swept under the carpet when Augustus paid off everybody involved in treating his son. Sebastian’s clearest memory is of screaming in agony on the drawing room floor while his father made the necessary phone calls to save his own ass, his brother Jasper smirked, and his mother stood watching but choosing to give him no comfort. Following this, he realised that God couldn’t exist, and renounced Catholicism.

When he was fourteen, Sebastian hit his father for the first time and broke his nose. Once the boy started to fight back, the physical abuse stopped and Augustus ignored Sebastian’s existence altogether, besides paying his way through University in order to keep up appearances.

Aged twenty-eight, Sebastian was dishonourably discharged from the army for disobeying an order to retreat, thereby causing the death of the soldier he was attempting to protect. Had it not been for Augustus’ pride at the family name, he would have been imprisoned. The discharge and subsequent disinheritance resulted in Sebastian’s conscious decision to never again do anything that wasn’t of direct or indirect benefit to him.

Within a few weeks, he had taken his first assassination job. His money had run out, but an opponent in a poker game knew of his reputation for being a cold and emotionless sniper. It was the first time Sebastian killed without the handy protection of Queen and Country, and word soon went around the criminal underworld.

Seven months later, he met Jim Moriarty. Despite Sebastian’s borderline heroin addiction and over-reliance on alcohol to get through the days, the criminal recognised his potential and took him on as a bodyguard. Within a year, he was Jim’s right-hand-man.

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