Sebastian Moran

If you know what I do, you know too much.

OOC Information: RP blog for Sebastian Moran. Primarily for the Sherlock fandom, but will RP with anyone interesting. Send an ask and we'll talk.

This blog has strong NSFW content, including swearing, graphic sex and violence. All content is tagged accordingly.


Sebastian is a manipulative and often cruel man. Although he can be charming and flirtatious, he is rarely so without an ulterior motive. If you are useful to him or Jim, you will see an amiable, likeable man, but be wary of the Machiavellian bastard behind the act.

Skype: sebmoran.tiger

memoiriarty ooc
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memoiriarty asked: Hey! Just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear you're closing your blog. It's my favourite blog by far, really. :) I love your interpretation of Sebastian and I think your writing is great (but you already knew that, sorry for spamming haha). I'll miss seeing Sebastian on my dash. ;D Take care!

// Thanks. It is a wrench, as I’ve developed quite the relationship with the sulky bastard. However, I don’t feel he has anything to offer any more. New ideas haven’t been forthcoming, and I beat myself up over every damn word I write. When it causes more angst than enjoyment, I guess it’s time to let it go.

Never apologise for the spamming, I bloody loved it! <3

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